Education is the only weapon which you can use to change the world- Mahatma Gandhi. BCIS Infotech encourages its faculty and staff member to maximize their knowledge, update their professional skills and keep the learning curve alive. BCIS Infotech is a place where one can pursue their full career potential. It gives equal employment opportunity to all the faculty and staff member irrespective of their nationality, religion, caste, color, and creed. The key element to our company's success is our people and their contribution. Each person contributes their unique talents and skills towards our team effort while aspiring towards their personal career objectives and life goals. We enable our faculty and staff member to grow as individuals, mature as industry professionals - and proudly succeed as key members of the BCIS Infotech Team

Jobs at BCIS Infotech:
Working at BCIS Infotech is all about learning, teamwork and growth. Joining BCIS Infotech translates into continuous opportunity to expand on what you can do. BCIS Infotech gives equal opportunity to all the faculty and staff member to communicate & co-ordinate with clients. Challenge yourself with interesting work focused on delivering innovative and proven solutions. Our faculty and staff member bring forth a wide variety of technical knowledge and cultural diversity which makes the workplace exhilarating. Together they help to create a pool of dedicated problem-solvers. We help students become high-performance.

Candidates with expertise in Web Technologies (Either Microsoft Technologies or Java/J2EE Technologies) can forward your resume to Whenever there are any appropriate openings we will definitely get back in touch with you.

Life at BCIS Infotech:
BCIS Infotech creates a challenging workplace environment and professional accomplishment, united with company-wide camaraderie. New faculty and staff member discover a supportive community of colleagues with diverse backgrounds, talents and experiences - all sharing a commitment to delivering quality results and the desire to maintain professional growth. BCIS Infotech enables you to deliver services to clients that fulfill their expectations, while enabling you to excel far beyond your own expectation by providing:
A gateway to make its faculty and staff member technology experts.
Career development programs for professional advancement.
Training and technical certification guidance.
Opportunities for career transitions into management areas.
All hands meeting, holiday parties and last week day evening get together.
Providing gift to the faculty and staff member on the day of festival celebration.
Company updates are open to all faculty and staff member every last working day of the month.
Celebrates birthdays of faculty and staff member in the last working day of the month.

Learning & Developments @ BCIS Infotech:
BCIS Infotech never teaches their faculty and staff member; it only attempts to provide the conditions in which they can learn. In this fast paced world, our faculty and staff member are given opportunity to learn all the upcoming technologies by providing solutions to the client requirement and problems. Within the team, we have a policy of building skills wherein we conduct knowledge sharing sessions, team forums, technical discussion sessions, etc. which helps the faculty and staff member to grow in their career.