Progress of a country depends on development in various areas such as economic, infrastructure, science and technology, research, education etc. All these developments are primarily related to literacy percentage of the country. Literacy percentage may definitely be enhanced by institutions importing world class education with relevant facilities.

With this view, B.C.I.S. Infotech was conceived in the year 2007 by a group of engineers in order to provide world class education in many academic fields. The institute was created with two important goals. One was for grooming young minds into highly qualified globally competent technical personnel and the other was that there were very few colleges in northern India before 2007 which were having good infrastructure and providing standard educations. B.C.I.S. Infotech imparts education in computer science and management.

The quality education to the students is being provided by the institute with the help of highly qualified faculty from reputed Institutions/Universities and the state of art with well-equipped laboratories and workshop. The laboratories and workshop have been equipped with latest instruments and machines in order to provide up to the date knowledge to the students.

It is not that institute provides only education to its students but it takes care of the students for their placement as well. For this necessary training is given to the students in their respective disciplines so that they can take any challenges in their career. For this, a training and placement department has been established and many students of the institute have got benefited. An appreciable percentage of students have got placed with renowned industries and corporate houses.

In spite of all the modern infrastructural facilities which the institute has, we are working hard to inculcate many new and latest infrastructural facilities which may be coming in the market for the benefit of our students so that they are at par with any other national or international institution.

I invite you to join B.C.I.S. Infotech family if you desire to have quality and standard education in various disciplines. If you have already joined us then I welcome you on behalf of B.C.I.S. Infotech family and myself and I am sure that your stay with us quite memorable and fruitful.

Shipra Chaurasia